The Impact of Disposables

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The waste we produce combine to create harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses within landfills. Destruction to natural habitats occur if average waste is tossed aside to remain on the grounds, bodies of water and atmosphere. Many resources are used to clean up after the careless, which wastes money and labor. The cycle begin with you.


Park cleanliness improves
community attitude

We naturally want to be separated from out waste as soon as the product has served its purpose. The extra time needed to dispose with care is minimal and the results have a ripple effect beyond your city parameters. Cleanliness in parks, streets and public vicinities allows for a calm environment that keeps us happy. We have enough distractions in our lives, so any unpleasant sights or smells that can be avoided, should be. By participating in proper recycling methods, the Recyptacle is reinforcing a friendly reminder that its users are doing the right thing.


After a Recyptacle has reached capacity, an alert is sent out to its nearest handler over a local Wi-Fi connection. The handler initiates a pickup to transfer the waste and allow the Recyptacle to continue filtering incoming waste. It is important to acknowledge the importance of the landfills and feel directly connected to them, as the public are the ones that influence its longevity. When our trash leaves our hands, it is not erased from existence, it is simply passed onto another journey.

To demonstrate the complexity of the storage of our waste, we contacted our friends at Waste Management to put together a clip of how a landfill works.